Please note that our phone number has changed to 772-285-8461.

mj hollister & associates (MJH) was founded in 2010 by Matt Hollister, with the sole purpose in mind of offering high quality sustainable solutions designed to meet the needs of their clients.  Specializing in this area allows MJH to proactively assist clients with their projects, and offer common sense solutions in an area that is becoming more and more complex each day.

Throughout its history MJH has focused on fostering a dynamic relationship with their clients, and we genuinely consider ourselves an integral part of their business.  Our unique approach has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other companies that don’t dedicate the time and effort to understand their client’s needs.  Most importantly, we strive to offer balanced solutions that will offer optimal product performance at a reasonable product cost.

Our solar lighting products are now manufactured by Solar Lighting of America
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