Solar Sign Lights


Used for new or existing signs, our solar sign lights are an efficient way to provide sign lighting for signs that have no power nearby.  Typically running grid power to remote signs in medians or parking areas requires directional boring under roadways, or asphalt removal and re-patching.  These costs can run in the thousands of dollars, and very often the sign lighting project is abandoned because the costs are prohibitive.

Our Solar Sign Light is a commercial grade solar lighting solution that is designed specifically for sign lighting applications.  This lighting solution is ideally suited for virtually any sign that has no access to conventional power or where running conventional power would be too costly. 
For smaller signs we offer a complete kit that includes everything you would need except for the 4 X 4 pressure treated wood post required to mount the solar array and battery enclosure. This high-output solar sign lighting system is easy to assemble and install, with most of the components being prewired or plug and play.  This durable commercial off-grid LED sign lighting system is relatively maintainence free,  and is the economic choice compared to systems of lesser quality offered by big box stores and the like.